My potager garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö, Resarö is situated in the inner part of the archipelago outside of Stockholm. Tyra´s Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination.
Tyra's Garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö situated in the inner part of the archipelago near the small town Vaxholm, outside Stockholm. Tyra's Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, my potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination. The climate in these parts is quite demanding as the northerly winds can be strong and cold. THIS BLOG 'Tyra's Garden' is not entirely a gardenblog it contains much more. About me: Enthusiastic amateur gardener and photographer from Vaxholm, Sweden. Designed and built my Greenhouse and Potager in Tyra's Garden 2003. Love the outdoor life, gardening and sailing especially. View my profile


Potage d'oignon - Onion Soup

Today it´s time for a classic soup.
Idag har det verkligen varit en sådan där novemberdag man inte gillar. Runt nollan på termometern, snöfall nästan horisontellt och lite blåst. Jag ville inte sätta näsan utanför dörren i dag på min lediga dag. Jag tog och dammade av min 25 år gamla kokbok 'Den franska maten' letade reda på en gammal favorit, gratinerad löksoppa. Nu gick jag i alla fall ut till min potager och hämtade timjan till min soppa och sedan till 'veboa' för lite ved till järnspisen och kakelugnen. Soppan blev jättegod, dessutom värmer både soppan och kakelugnen värmer mej fortfarande. Mysigt!
From France Potage d’oignon. This is how I do it.
2 tablespoon butter or olive oil
6 large onion, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
75cl chicken/beef broth
1/2 cup white wine
1 1/2 cups water
1 Bay leaves and Thyme
4 slices French bread
1 cup shredded Swiss cheese
Salt and pepper

In a large saucepan, melt butter/olive oil. Cook onions in mixture, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes, until very soft, translucent and brown on the edges. Sprinkle the flour over the onions and stir to combine. Pour in broth, wine and water with bay leaves and thymes. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, 20 to 30 minutes.
Preheat oven . Dice the bread slices. Ladle the soup into 6 ovenproof bowls. Place the bread on top of the soup and top with Swiss cheese. Place bowls under the grill/hot oven until cheese is melted.

Potage d'oignon. Voilà comment je le fais.

• 2 c. à soupe de beurre/ l'huile d'olive • 6 gros oignons, émincés • 1 c. à soupe de farine tout usage • 8 dl de poulet / bouillon de bœuf • 1 / 2 tasse de vin blanc • 1 1 / 2 tasses d'eau • 2 Bay feuilles et de thym • 6 tranches de pain français • 1 tasse de fromage suisse déchiqueté • Sel et poivre

1. Dans une grande casserole, faire fondre le beurre / huile d'olive. Cuire les oignons dans le mélange, en brassant de temps, pour 10 minutes, jusqu'à ce que très doux, transparent et brun sur les bords.

2. Parsemer la farine sur les oignons et remuer pour combiner. Verser le bouillon, le vin et l'eau avec des feuilles de laurier et le thym. Porter à ébullition, puis réduire le feu et laisser mijoter, à découvert, 20 à 30 minutes environ.

3. Préchauffer le four.

4. Dés les tranches de pain. Ladle la soupe dans 6 allant au four et placez les bols bols sur une plaque de cuisson. Placez le pain sur le dessus de la soupe et le haut de fromage suisse. 5. Placer les bols sous le gril / four chaud jusqu'à ce que le fromage .

Thyme from Tyra's Garden.....brrr it was cold outside.

Bon Appéttite

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Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Mmmmmmmmm, I love French onion soup, can I have another bowl, please? It's nice to eat soup today because it's rather cold outside here too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Not to big on soups but a nice onion soup is great! Hmmm and not to hard to do. Future project, thank you for the recipe IN FRENCH.... good thing I'm soooo talented with languages :-D


julia said...

My partner recently had the most wonderful onion soup at a rstaurant up on Montmartre

The crust covered the bowl completely so that when he broke it with his spoon it released a whole world of oniony steam that was almost intoxicating...

joey said...

Love that you posted my favorite soup on my birthday (13th), Tyra ... how did you know! Seriously, this recipe looks fantastic, and differnent from my French Onion Soup ... must certanly give this a try!