My potager garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö, Resarö is situated in the inner part of the archipelago outside of Stockholm. Tyra´s Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination.
Tyra's Garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö situated in the inner part of the archipelago near the small town Vaxholm, outside Stockholm. Tyra's Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, my potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination. The climate in these parts is quite demanding as the northerly winds can be strong and cold. THIS BLOG 'Tyra's Garden' is not entirely a gardenblog it contains much more. About me: Enthusiastic amateur gardener and photographer from Vaxholm, Sweden. Designed and built my Greenhouse and Potager in Tyra's Garden 2003. Love the outdoor life, gardening and sailing especially. View my profile


The Wicked Witches from Waxholm


Spooky picture taken of two wicked witches from Waxholm.

Happy Halloween to you All !

Her in my country we celebrate All Saints Day, that we call Alla Helgons Dag and that is tomorrow, then we light candles for our loved ones that has passed away. We do have Halloween but it is more a commercial spectacular act here, compared to All Saints Day. All the same I wish you all a truly wonderful weekend.

Jag vill önska Er alla en trevlig helg och för er som har lov, njut nu och ha det riktigt skönt! Vi får se om snön kommer i helgen, de har ju lovat riktigt busväder...och då får man vara inne och MYSA.

Pop into the Greenhouse and read my Posturing Pumpkin Post

Take Care/ Tyra

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and the winner is...Czech's Excellent Yellow

This is the WINNER of all tomatoes in my greenhouse this year. It's the fellow in the left, bright yellow, perfect in taste, consistency and size. The name is Czech's Excellent Yellow and the seed is from Plants of Distinction

Golden beauty - the Czech's excellent yellow Prolific orange yellow tomato with a strong flavour. 3inches round fruit. Extremely productive and will supply you with a steady stream of fruit for weeks on end. Best salad tomato for ages! Cordon. 70-75 days from transplanting.

I did grow some outdoors in the potager as well and they where even more excellent in taste but the harvest wasn't very large, the summer was definitely too cold.


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No Champagne...

No Champagne...big mistake

Monday 27th of October

I “revisited” Brideshead during the weekend, 11 hours of the wonderful drama. It is so beautiful and such fantastic ornamental language but… it’s too long and totally uninteresting for about 4 hours in the middle, we all agreed that it varied too much in quality. 5 stars out of 10 possible and those stars were all for the first episodes until poor Sebastians finds solace in alcohol and recklessly destroys himself…and the biggest disappointment disappears from the whole serie, very odd indeed.
We, the girls and I had a great weekend with lovely food and drinks. Unfortunatly we didn’t have any Champagne at home which was a great dissappointment because we got awfully thirsty watching them drinking sparkling Champagne all the time.

Time Magazine included Brideshead Revisited in its list of "All-time 100 Novels." In various letters, Waugh himself refers to the novel a number of times as his "magnum opus"; however, in 1950 he wrote to Graham Greene saying "I re-read Brideshead Revisited and was appalled." In Waugh's preface to the 1959 revised edition of Brideshead the author explains the circumstances in which the novel was written, in the six months between December 1944 and June 1945 following a minor parachute accident. He is mildly disparaging of the novel, saying;

"It was a bleak period of present privation and threatening disaster — the period of soya beans and Basic English — and in consequence the book is infused with a kind of gluttony, for food and wine, for the splendours of the recent past, and for rhetorical and ornamental language which now, with a full stomach, I find distasteful." Evelyn Waugh


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Brideshead Revisited

The girls and I are going up the country to Åkerby and spend the weekend together. We are going to have a DVD marathon weekend and this is what's on the meny. Long walks, good slow cooked autumn food, red wine and...

Brideshead Revisited - not the film, no, no, no.

659 minutes of

Brideshead Revisited the British television serial ( 1981) based on the novel of the same name by Evelyn Waugh.

It stars Jeremy Irons as Charles Ryder, Anthony Andrews as Lord Sebastian Flyte, Laurence Olivier as Lord Marchmain, Claire Bloom as Lady Marchmain, Diana Quick as Lady Julia Flyte, and Jane Asher as Lady Celia Ryder; also featuring Phoebe Nicholls as Lady Cordelia Flyte, John Gielgud as Edward Ryder, Simon Jones as Lord Brideshead, Nickolas Grace as Anthony Blanche, Stéphane Audran as Cara, Lord Marchmain's lover, and Charles Keating as Rex Mottram, yes that was a lot of favorites.

En hel helg med bara tjejerna och jag. En riktigt 'maratonsepåserie' weekend, en massa god mat och någon gott att dricka. Det skall bli spännande att se om den gamla serien håller, den var ju fantastisk då 1981... Sedan kan vi ta och se den nya filmen 'En förlorad värld' och jämnföra.
Have a great weekend all of you!
LOL Tyra

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Paeonia suffruticosa - 'Feng Dan Bai'

Bud of my favorite Paeonia

This is a favorite of mine, the Peony 'Feng Dan Bai' Paeonia suffruticosa herbaceous perennial plant 0.5–1.5 metres tall.

Det här är en av mina absoluta favoriter. Pionen 'Feng Dan Bei' en Kinesisk trädpion. Visst är den underbart vacker. Den blommade inte alls i år hoppas att det bara var den usla torra sommaren och att den kommer igen nästa år.

Paeonia suffruticosa in larger pictures

Have a nice day and you don't be a stranger ...skriv en rad!


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Lena Israelsson - nominerad till Augustpriset!

Grattis Lena

Klosterträdgårdar ( Wahlström & Widstrand) är en mycket trevlig och läsvärd bok som har givit mej många trevliga stunder. Andra böcker av Lena som jag flitigt läser är förstås Köksträdgården och sedan Jorden Täppor. Fler inlägg om Lena Israelsson hittar du här

Jättekul stort Grattis! / Tyra


Soak the Gardener! - Blub blub in my Tub tub

Soak the Gardener!
This is my bathroom I built a few years ago. It has this marine touch, inspired of old wooden boats I built my bathroom in mahogny, with brass details and old furniture and pebbles from allover the world. There is an article in this weeks 'Drömhem & Trädgård' a Swedish magazine (Dreamhome & Garden)

I senaste numret av Drömhem och trädgård får ni följa med in i 'The Gardeners Bathroom' :-). Där får ni läsa hur jag byggde mitt marina badrum, inspirerad av gamla fina träbåtar som jag älskar så. Med Mahogny, mässing, kristall, grönmarmor och stenar jag samlat från världens alla hörn byggde jag mitt lilla badrum som vi stortrivs i. Nästan allt i badrummet är begagnade saker och möbler jag samlat under året.

Flowers from the garden

Pion i vas

Marine brass details in my Bath room. A kerosene lamp, marine clock...

En skeppsklocka, fotogenlampa, barometer/hygrometer i mässing, står i hörnan vid badkaret.

How to make your own Bath Salt read more in the Greenhouse

Making Scents


Titta in i min lilla kajuta... kommer ni ihåg den låten :-)

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Gold, gold, everywhere and I got it for free! When I was a small girl we call the leaves golden coins. Sometimes I still think of them as gold coins consequently you can imagine that at this time of the year I'm really filthy rich :-)

Today was the day of the colour Ochre in my garden. Ochre or Ocher (pronounced /'əʊ.kə(r)/, from the Greek ὠχρός, yellow) is a color, usually described as golden-yellow or light yellow brown. Wikipedia
Morning of the golden day.

But will come a tomorrow....When I have to pic them all up!
........but the worns want to have a fair share. Thank God!


Take a peek in the greenhouse 'Pure Joy'

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Recycled piece of furniture.


I went to an outdoor auction in the countryside last weekend and look what a found. A pedestal for my greenhouse isn’t it just perfect. Old, worn and a bit shabby but nice, just the way I want it to be. It will be great for the greenhouse and the garden. All my pieces of furniture in the greenhouse are real bargains, they are old and worn, now I have been missing a pedestal and there it was…for 40 kronor (7 dollar). Recycle more!

Have a great day!

- Ha en fin dag, hoppas att det blir ännu en fin höstdag. Det är riktiga guldagar vi har haft i oktober tycker jag och det behöver vi för snart går vi in i det stora mörkret!


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Wallpainting - I know I'm potty

We planted a seed...
Do you remember my Topiary bedroom, we have had an empty pot on the wall for some years now and a few weeks ago we decided to plant a seed. Look what's come Impomea. It's not full grown yet so we cannot begin to trim it into a Topiary Impomea we have to wait for some months, maybe we can start next spring. (old post Topiarius Tyra)
Impomea - The Topiary bedroom. Photo Tyra

My Topiary in a pot Photo Martina Svensson
Empty pot, before the seed was planted. Photo Martina Svensson Impomea in Tyra's Garden



Falu red or in Swedish we call it Faluröd is the name of the beautiful Swedish, deep red paint well known for its use on wooden cottages and barns. The paint originated from Falun in Dalarna ( copper mine) , Sweden. The traditional colour remains popular today due to it's effectiveness in preserving wood it is absolutely fantastic. Easy to paint and it doesn't smell.

The earliest evidence of its use dates from the 16th century. During the 17th century Falu red was commonly used on smaller wooden mansions, where it was intended to imitate buildings with brick facing. Except in bigger cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, and in the extreme south of Sweden, wood was the dominating building material. In the Swedish cities and towns, buildings were often painted with the Falu red until the early 19th century, when the authorities began to oppose the paint. At this point in time more and more wooden buildings in urban areas were either painted in lighter colours (e.g. yellow, white) or sided with stucco. The number of buildings made of bricks (with stucco) also increased. However the Falu red saw a surge in popularity in the countryside during the 19th century, when also poorer farmers and crofters began to paint their houses. Falu red is still widely used in the Swedish countryside.
The actual colour may be different depending on how much the oxide is burnt, ranging from almost black to a bright, light red. Different tones of red have been popular at different times. Recently a mix giving a dark green colour, Falu Grön, has also been produced by mixing black and ochre.

The last fading beauty - Rose against the red wall on my cottage in Åkerby Village in the north of Uppland.

The paint consists of water, rye flour, linseed oil and residue from the copper mines of Falun which contain silicates iron oxides, copper compounds and zinc. The current recipe was finalized in the 1920s.

Pictures from the small village called Åkerby, this is where I am now when I'm writing this post. Åkerby bruk founded 1638


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Green Metallic Beauty

Cetonia aurata. Rose Chafer - Guldbagge

Rare visit in Tyra's Garden the Cetonia aurata on my cardoon (Cynara cardunculus), also called the artichoke thistle which is member of the Aster family.

Cetonia aurata, known as the rose chafer, or more rarely as the green rose chafer, is a reasonably large beetle, 20 mm long, that has metallic green coloration (but can be bronze, copper, violet, blue/black or grey) with a distinct V shaped scutellum, the small triangular area between the wing cases just below the thorax, and having several other irregular small white lines and marks. The underside is a coppery colour. Rose chafers are capable of very fast flight; they do it with their wing cases down thus resembling a bumble bee, see photos below clearly illustrating it. They feed on flowers, nectar and pollen, in particular roses (from where they get their name); which is where they can be found on warm sunny days, between May and June/July, occasionally to September. Wikipedia Cetonia Aurata

När vi hör Guldbagge så tänker vi nog mer på ett filmpris (fult ;-) än på denna vackra skalbaggen som man ibland har turen att hitta i trädgården.

These two picture are not my work, they are from a Swedish forum at

Guldbagge forumbilder från av Amaira

Ha en trevlig helg allihop - Have a great weekend!


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Always look at the bright side of life!

You have to really take notice of all the beautiful thing that's surrounds us, pleasure and treasure it, especially in these harsh economic times. It's easy to get depressed but I say like The Monty Pythons once said
- Always look at the bright side of life!My greenhouse in October.The last of the year... Sweet Pea Lathyrus odoratus
and the last blackberries

Don' forget that you can pick the Rose hips, they are free. It's a power food, particularly high in Vitamin C, with about 1700–2000 mg per 100 g in the dried product.
My potager - There are a few veggies left, I usually leave some for the wild animals to feast on during the winter.

Do have a nice day...despite :-)

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