My potager garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö, Resarö is situated in the inner part of the archipelago outside of Stockholm. Tyra´s Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination.
Tyra's Garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö situated in the inner part of the archipelago near the small town Vaxholm, outside Stockholm. Tyra's Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, my potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination. The climate in these parts is quite demanding as the northerly winds can be strong and cold. THIS BLOG 'Tyra's Garden' is not entirely a gardenblog it contains much more. About me: Enthusiastic amateur gardener and photographer from Vaxholm, Sweden. Designed and built my Greenhouse and Potager in Tyra's Garden 2003. Love the outdoor life, gardening and sailing especially. View my profile


November's Mood board - Glorious mix

This post November's Mood board - Glorious mix was originally uploaded by Tyra Hallsénius-Lindhe in the blog Tyra's Garden

Now I have saved what can be saved from the kitchen garden. I brought some plants into the greenhouse, some into the garage and some to the verandah. The growing season of 2010 is coming to an end...not yet but soon.

WINTERIZING The Kitchen Garden - November is a good time to give some thought about providing winter protection to all of the tender plants in your kitchen garden. Mulching with whatever you can get your hands on leaves, bark, or straw will help create a cozy blanket of protection over your precious plants and soil.

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a quiet life said...

i love your shots and i am amazed at the length of your growing season~

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Well, it is awfully cold outside now. We even got snow! A slashy type, I'm not happy at all. :((

Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

I seem to remember you also took some beautiful photos of blackberries in black and white last year. Is that right or am I miss-remembering?

I like the collage you have made. Is the shape of the spade unusual? I don't think I've seen one like that before.

Because I've used all the photo space allocated by Blogger on Pictures Just Pictures, I've moved to a new blog. It's called

Message in a Milk Bottle

I've given it a new look but, apart from that, it's the same - a picture every day.


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hi Lucy, that's correct, I think the blackberries are quite photogenic :-)

Message in a Milk bottle - OK, great name.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Lucy about the spade, it is an old faithful friend, my favourite.

Anna said...

A most warming and cheerful collage Tyra :)

Mary said...

What a beautiful mosaic. I love the rusty red colors and your greenhouse, it's dreamy.


Randi said...

Ditt växthus är bara sååå läckert inrett - ser så inbjudande ut. Dina collage är alltid så välgjorda och vackra! Jag verkligen njuter av att titta på dem.
Önskar dig en riktigt skön helg!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely collage. I also love your greenhouse.

Anonymous said...

I love your greenhouse and the warm colors of your collage.

Sophia Callmer said...

Fint du har det! Jag har inte hunnit något alls och ska ta en vinterfixar dag här! ha en bra vecka!

Helen/patientgardener said...

I have been putting everything away for the winter as well. Its nice when everything is away neat and tidy

garden girl said...

How lucky you are having your beautiful greenhouse Tyra!

Yesterday I just finished bringing in the last of the tender plants to overwinter under our big light in the basement 'greenhouse.'

NinaVästerplana said...

Hoppas på några uppehållsdagar med lagom vind innan nästa omgång med snö kommer... i så fall ska jag fylla rabatterna med löv ;-)
Ha´t himla gôrgôtt

Pondside said...

I love your mosaic - it draws one in and has my favorite colours.
We will have to go out and get leaves from friends in town for our mulch, as we have no leaves out here in the cedar forest.

Unknown said...

Hej Tyra,
Vad du är duktig på att lyfta fram tjusningen med varje månad och säsong! Så vackert och stämningsfullt!