My potager garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö, Resarö is situated in the inner part of the archipelago outside of Stockholm. Tyra´s Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination.
Tyra's Garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö situated in the inner part of the archipelago near the small town Vaxholm, outside Stockholm. Tyra's Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, my potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination. The climate in these parts is quite demanding as the northerly winds can be strong and cold. THIS BLOG 'Tyra's Garden' is not entirely a gardenblog it contains much more. About me: Enthusiastic amateur gardener and photographer from Vaxholm, Sweden. Designed and built my Greenhouse and Potager in Tyra's Garden 2003. Love the outdoor life, gardening and sailing especially. View my profile


Water for Body and Soul

This post Water for Body and Soul was originally uploaded by Tyra Hallsénius-Lindhe in the blog Tyra's Garden

Water for Body and Soul

Born in the sign of Taurus my element is Earth and that is an element that I of course as a gardener just L.O.V.E. But I couldn’t live without the water, nor my garden. What would life be without water?...Now I just do not mean pure water for my (65% water content) body, I mean water for my soul. I need to be close to water, see water, feel water and if possible and even better to hear water - Thank God and I'm very grateful for it, that I'm fortunate to live close to the water and that I live in a country with a lot of water.

However the only water features that I got in my garden is a birdbath in one of the rocks and a large 19th Century Copper Bucket on an iron stand. I think this specific type of old bucket are called a laundry copper or just 'copper'. I have it in the greenhouse for watering my greenhouse plants and to even out the temperature between day and night.

Whenever I accidently break off a flower out in the potager this is where I place it, in the ‘copper’. This flower I would like to call my Water-lily Dahlia as I think it would be a suitable name, but it is actually a Semi Cactus Dahlia, I think it is ‘Snow Princess’ but I’m not sure.

and now some Water Music

by Georg Friedrich Händel, It premiered on 17 July 1717 and it is still great!

Well what do you know…it is Friday again and consequently it is Blooming Friday here in Tyra’s Garden.

This weeks theme: WATER

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a quiet life said...

beautiful photos and glorious musice to accompany them~

Anonymous said...

Hello Tyra,

I have been reading your blog for quite a while but have never left a comment.
Just want you to know that I love your site; your gardens are lovely and I always learn something interesting when I visit.

joey said...

Lovely post/photos that touched my soul, dear Tyra. I too need to be close to water, see water, feel water ... Blessed, like you, I live surrounded by the Great Lakes and have a cottage on one of the thousands of Michigan's awesome inland lakes. And ... a significant fraction of the human body is water! Water is good :)

Sunita Mohan said...

Exquisite photos, Tyra. I love the first one!
And I like the 'copper' too. It looks like a perfect container for a small water-scape.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hi Jain and welcome into Tyra's Garden again. I bought 84 Crossing RB. :-)

Have a great weekend/ Tyra

Lena/isklockan said...

Så jätte snyggt med en blomma i en balja. Gillar jag...Kram

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hi Marsha@ Heart Song and a warm welcome into my garden. Thank you for your kind words. I so glad you like it.

Thank you Joey, we both, you and I just have to see nature around us. We are blessed to be able to have it around us. We need a lot of sky and water :-)

Have a great weekend/ Tyra

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Tack Lena!

Hi Sunita and thank you, the 'copper' is large but I wish it could have been a bit bigger, then I could take a bath in it :-)

Happy weekend in your gardens!/ Tyra

Gunilla said...

Så enkelt och så fint med den vita blomman i vattnet.

Ha en fin helg

Gela said...

Va härligt med musik till blommiga fredagen. Har själv stått och blickat ut över vattnet idag när solen gick upp och kännt hur välgörande det är. Hoppas du får en fin fin helg/Gela

AnnCharlotte said...

Så fint...och vilken skön känsla att kunna "rädda" en blomma man råkar bryta av misstag ;)
Ha en bra helg ;)

Gemma Wiseman said...

A delightful collection of photos! I too need to live near water! I have views of Port Phillip Bay from my back verandah! I never tire of its moods and colours!

Cecilia Artista said...

Härliga bilder på den vackra blomman i baljan! Enkelt och vackert!
Tack för musikstunden!

Trevlig helg!

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hejsan Gunilla och Cecilia visst jag håller med ofta är det så att det enkla oftast är det vackraste.

Trevlig helg till er båda.

AnnCharlotte visst först blir man arg och ledsen och sedan kommer man på 'baljan' och där njuter jag till och med mer av dom ibland.

Ha det gott/ Tyra

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hejsan Gela - De där minuterna man står där kan man leva på hela dagen sen.

Trevlig helg/ Tyra

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Greyscale Territory now is this Gemma in Melbourne? Welcome into Tyra's Garden. Glad to hear from you, have a great weekend my friend/ Tyra

Randi said...

Vackert arrangemang med den vita blomman i kombination med vattenspeglingen.
Önskar dig en skön och solig helg!

sweetbay said...

Love the dahlia -- you're reminding me of Mrs. Dalloway! Have a wonderful weekend.

lotusleaf said...

Your photos say it all! The music is wonderful. Thank you.

monika said...

The water is in love with that flower and so is the flower with the water...
I love the photos!

easygardener said...

The flower looks beautiful against the dark water - good to think that a broken flower gets to live a little longer!

Allers Trädgård said...

Mer vatten i trädgården! En balja kan ju faktiskt räcka (eller flera) för att få en fint blänk.
Ha en fin helg - kanske i regn?
Hej hej
/Ann Marie

Carol said...

Wonderful photography Tyra!! I was imagining water lily in a dark deep pond in your first shot! Then the second revealing your bucket . . . fabulous!! You are lucky to be so near to great bodies of water. Lovely post! Love the video too. Thanks. Have a great weekend. Kram Carol

Margot said...

Mycket vackert med den vita blomman! Så fint med de gröna växterna som speglar sig i vattnet!
Ha en fin helg!

Mia said...

Jättefin bild. Så fint med en enda blomma som flyter i vattnet.


Monica said...

"Water for body and soul" ...håller fullständigt med :)

Helen/patientgardener said...

Thats interesting my star sign is Pisces so you would think I would love water. I do like water, I enjoy being by the water but for me I really need to have my hand in the earth to feel at peace

Anonymous said...

Tyra, I thought that was a close-up of a pond. Love that idea of the bucket and broken blooms that become a decoration. Your images are stunning!

Trevlig helg!

Helens trädgård said...

Hej Tyra!
Tack för ditt besök i min Blogg, du är Välkommen tillbaka!

Dahlian som flyter och speglar sig i den mörka vattenytan är vackert. Behövs inte mer för att finna lite stillhet.
Trevlig helg!

Moa said...

Tänk så enkelt.. men sååå himla vackert en vacker balja med en ensam vacker blomma flytande i vårt livsviktiga element.. VATTEN.. mycket fin tolkning på temat. Kram/moa

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Thank you all - Tack mina vänner!

I think we all can agree that water is essential for our 'Body and Soul' and nessecary a wonderful in our gardens.

I just love this weeks theme, don't you?


Katarina said...

Vilken god idé att lägga avbrutna blommor i fågelbadet. Mycket vackert!
Trevlig fortsättning på helgen!

magiceye said...


Glädjekällans Trädgårdsblogg said...

Enkelt är nästan alltid = vackert. Det gäller bara att komma på det och det har du verkligen gjort.
Fortsatt trevlig helg

Anonymous said...

Hello Tyra,
Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog, Heart Song. I'm new to blogging and have SO much to learn, and I hope it's alright to reply to you here.

I just created a new blog today,'Dandelions and Roses'; a place to use as an online garden journal and connect with others who love gardening and nature.

I placed your blog on my blogroll; if that is not proper protocol, let me know and I will remove it.

Thank you again for the encouraging words!


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hi Marsha, how very nice to here from you again. Good luck with the new blog. I love the titel! I'll come and visit soon,