My potager garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö, Resarö is situated in the inner part of the archipelago outside of Stockholm. Tyra´s Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination.
Tyra's Garden is a small garden on the island of Resarö situated in the inner part of the archipelago near the small town Vaxholm, outside Stockholm. Tyra's Garden is mostly an ornamental vegetable garden, my potager. But flowers are of course an important ingredience, for beauty and pollination. The climate in these parts is quite demanding as the northerly winds can be strong and cold. THIS BLOG 'Tyra's Garden' is not entirely a gardenblog it contains much more. About me: Enthusiastic amateur gardener and photographer from Vaxholm, Sweden. Designed and built my Greenhouse and Potager in Tyra's Garden 2003. Love the outdoor life, gardening and sailing especially. View my profile


Slug Free Garden - No Pests Whatsoever!

This post 'Slug Free Garden - No Pests What So Ever' was originally uploaded by Tyra Hallsénius-Lindhe in the blog Tyras Trädgård/ Tyra's Garden

At breakfast this morning I was thinking…yet another day of hibernation. Nothing much to do, garden-wise that is. I do of course have to tend to my small babies on the veranda, the tomato, chili and artichoke plants. And I must tell you, they are all doing fine.

As I sat there thinking about these quite dull and boring week in February and March when I’m still ‘hibernating’,just trying my best to stay warm and happy. Anyway... some very positive thoughts pop up. I said to myself.

– Tyra, think of this!

This is the time when you don’t have to fight the forever going war with slugs – think of it and enjoy a slug free garden!

And there is more…

No Ixodes scapularis, deer ticks


No mosquitoes

Rather pleasant isn’t it!

I'll keep this picture small in size, it is too scary...

 It really is like the Monty Pythons said
 ‘Always look at the bright side of life’
 (whistle) tada tada tada dadadada tada

Don't be a stranger my friend -Do write something!


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Christina said...

Jag har inte sått några tomater ännu, det blir kanske till veckan. Ska titta efter lite fler fröer på mässan i Malmö på fredag. Du verkar ha en bra plats att ställa småttingarna på, en veranda med mycket ljus och kanske lite svalare.
Ha det gott!

NataljaOblonskaja said...

Visst finns det positiva saker med den här årstiden. Håller med dig där. För inte tycker jag värst mycket om varken sniglar eller fästingar.
Själv passar jag på att läsa en massa böcker när det ändå är för kallt för att vara ute.
Ha en härlig lördag!

garden girl said...

Your seedlings are look beautiful and healthy Tyra!

I agree completely! Winter can get tiring sometimes, but it definitely has its good aspects. I prefer to see the positive side of it too and enjoy life no matter what the season. Spring and summer, with all their positive (and negative) aspects will arrive in time. Life is beautiful!

tina said...

What a way to be positive! I hate those deer ticks and yes, you are right-scary indeed! Stay warm, spring is coming.

joey said...

Your take on life is grand, dear Tyra. All looks as lovely as your happy/positive thoughts. Yes, as Linda said, life is beautiful!

Jan@Thanks for today. said...

Ahh, you just made my day;-) I love seeing a new way to make lemonade out of lemons! Enjoy the next month pest-free, Tyra!

Diana (Di) said...

Hello Tyra. I just came over from FB to look at your beautiful blog!

Seedlings, yes! We have started broccoli, cabbage, several varieties of kale, cippolini, meslun, basil, cilantro... all 2-3 inches now. Soon, I must begin our peppers, eggplant and tomatoes. It is a wonderful time of the year with Spring in mind. Thank you for allowing me to visit.

lisa said...

Ja tänk så mycket elände vi slipper den här årstiden , hi hi ! Det gäller att se ljuspunkterna i livet, så sant. Vilken fin akvarell av krassen !
Lisa/Lisas trädgård

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Tyra - good thoughts indeed! I'm hoping the frogspawn in my pond will turn into lots of healthy frogs to eat all the slugs, etc for me!
I am starting to think about seedlings etc, but as I've got no tools, pots etc since the arson attack I'm actually busier scrounging pots and seeds off friends - but I'll get there ...especially once the insurance company pays up!

Stay warm my friend - spring is just around the corner :)